Goodbye and hello.

I miss WordPress. The interface has changed; perhaps, I should stay here. I’ve come back to announce that I’ve moved to The Room Traveller . It is very new. I only have two entries. Many will come. Stay tuned!

This was my sanctuary during my University years. I’ve never regretted writing any of those posts. Sometimes I couldn’t even connect with the emotions I felt then or identified with the observations I raised in this blog.

I love Chocolate Hazelnut. It is my favourite spread.

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Sunday’s List

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I love Sundays even though Monday is always just a few hours away. Every Sunday, I will feel a pang of longing like how I wish I have finished that book; how I wish I have edited those photos and the list is always the same. The same list in my mind keeps playing and playing over and over again.

Yet I have never regretted how I spent my Sundays; whether it was roaming in the exhibition with my fellow art-loving friend, or whether it was spending the entire day in a cafe, sketching our future, talking about what-ifs with my friends, encouraging one another to bring the feeling of unabashed, almost impulsive verve that we developed in unfamiliar environments back into our comfort zone.

“Bring the exchange attitude back!” I chimed.

We laughed. That is the way to live; to be fearless and sure even if we are surrounded by uncertainties. I knew it wasn’t a mistake because an exchange friend whom I met because I bravely went along for a trip with a group of familiar strangers liked my post on Facebook.

She must have felt the same too.

The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become./blockquote>
– Charles du Bos


The Waitress

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Perhaps it is time for a change. I have a new toy. Its back has been engraved with my favourite words still ringing with sheer truth even though they have been quoted by me ever since my live journal days.

It is a hope-and-a-half:
Too much and too little at once.

Rilke is one of my favourite poets. I have been introduced to him by a teacher in the choral scene. The poem, ‘The Wait’ was then used as a prologue to a short film that I wrote and co-produced with a group of friends. It made several appearances in my blogs – a familiar stranger that seems to sum up the resignation perfectly after an episode of disappointment and make up an excuse for the state of limbo one lapses into now and then. I smiled when my dear friends found solace in these words that spell really nothing but ambivalence. S momo quoted once before in her blog and J momo has it plastered as a facade on her blog and have a tumblr that is named after one of the lines in the poem. Named after. I’m really worshipping this, am I not?

I wonder whether it has slowly defined me – the Waitress.


Living under a Rock.

August 13, 2011 1 comment

How long have I not updated this space of mine! Has my already puny brain gone stale?

I found this extremely true about my predicament now:

Knowing where to find out stuff is key. However much time pressure is brought to bear on your working day, you should always make time to feed your heads.

When I was a student (f, I miss school), I was able to leech onto the entire community of ideas and nonsense (nonsense are the chrysalis of great ideas) and be inspired by that. I have brilliant friends. I have great professors. I read voraciously.  So I told my friend who has the same aspirations as me that no, we can’t fall into the trap of just making things done, although it is primarily our job to do so. We need to make time to discover and to mine for things to ponder over. We need to keep writing. I need to keep writing.

I was catching up with the rest of the outside world tonight; virtually. I love lazy Saturday nights. I was kind of glad that I did not make the decision to plod out of house to Zouk. A glass of great wine, my laptop, a notebook and a pen makes the night.

And tonight, Jonathan’s Card caught my attention. I have been fascinated with the “Gifting Galore” ever since reading it on trend-watching. I’ll love for a brand to help facilitate gift-giving in a non-stand-offish way. Jonathan’s Card takes it to another level – it is a test for our altruistic nature. Sam Odio challenged it ( (Labelling it as “Yuppies buying each other coffee” is an overt underestimation of this experiment) and then the experiment was called off.

Jonathan Stark said, “So, tonight we lose our barcode. But of course, we never needed it in the first place.”

I don’t know, but I am somehow skeptical.  We don’t need it for sure, for the world to go on. At a scan, the barcode offers  convenience for us to do good and be good. Step out of the subway station, pop by  Starbucks joint, and scan. It has become… social currency.






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It is a little worrying that friends around me are getting tired very easily.

“Not everyone has so much energy like you, ok!” my friend retorted when I was throwing ideas about what we could do.

Is that what we’re all going to be?

What has happened to dreams and ideals and fun?

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‎”Become like a sheet of blotting paper and soak it all in. Later on you can figure out what to keep and what to unload.” — Haruki Murakami

That is the state of my what-used-to-be blank canvas.

Utterly soaked and inundated with again, many questions and uncertainties and the ever-compounding “what-ifs”. I always thought it will be a nice picture, at the very least, but now I realise it is never going to be this way, which is good, because when it has been reduced to that state, even if  it exists in that figment of your imagination, you will stop pushing; stop learning and just stop.

Nevertheless I dream of  my next holiday destination. The last one in Bali was not that bad.

Bali with Cais and the gang

I still wish I can spend more time in cafes, dreaming, chatting and people-watching.

My feeble attempt at food photography

Catching up with Globetrotter before she zips away to another faraway land

Or holding birthday surprise parties for people who matter.

greengirl's 23rd birthday. she felt like a princess

FRANKLY speaking…

May 31, 2011 1 comment

not too long ago, a friend of mine mentioned that only the older generation uses OCBC cards. I didn’t know there was such a perception.  Well, even if there was, I think OCBC would have managed to quash that perception with FRANK.

Gen-Y has baffled not only parents, educators, employers but also marketers. We’re a whole new ball game to them. I’ve been asked several times what I think of this generation during interviews. They are not identical though across geographical borders. Subtle differences exist. Maybe we shall explore that, another day?

The brand strategy behind this is indeed very solid, backed up with crowdsourcing and in-depth groundwork.  The way the strategy has been executed, be it through the 100 card designs and the interactive retail store concept is very strongly tied to its brand values –  honest, sincere
reliable, smart and stylish.  I have been wondering why the branch in SMU was suddenly closed for renovation. It was completely boarded up, so no one could tell what was going on.

I like how OCBC has launched a sub-brand just for us, the Gen-Y. Yes, we like to feel special.

I like how the cards were displayed so tantalizingly – the conventional routine that you have to do for your banking needs have been transformed into a retail experience.

The only issue I have is that I think the images used for the print advertisements could really be edgier. They remind me of advertisements from this particular telecommunications company.

FRANKly, this is a good piece of work.


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